Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Make Money Writing About Your Favourite Hobby, Interest Or Activity

I read “How To Write A “How To” Book (or Ebook)” a few years ago when I was interested in writing a “How To” book. Shaun Fawcett is one of my favourite authors and this book is one of his best. Shaun is the english master you wish you had at high school but never did. He is an expert at explaining how to do something in a logical, step-by-step, easy to understand fashion.
How To Write A “How To” Book (or Ebook)” starts by defining what a “How To” book is, who writes them and what type of problems they solve. “How To” books are one of the most popular niches in the publishing world. They solve problems that people face when they first learn to do something and are a cheaper solution in many cases than attending a course or even watching a series of videos.
The next section of the book explains the preparation phase of writing your “How To” book. How to find your target audience, selecting a title for your book and how to go about researching your subject. You also need to look at the competition for your book. A lot of competition is not necessarily a bad thing as it shows there is a lot of demand for your topic. If you create a book that is more comprehensive and cheaper than you competition then you are on a winner.
Shaun then goes on to cover the actual writing process. How to develop your chapter heading and sub-headings and then flesh out each section in detail.Developing your own writing style is important as you want your target audience to easily understand you and look forward to the next step in the process. Once you have written your first draft it is important to proofread, revise and edit it until it is a polished piece of writing.
Pictures and diagrams can be used extensively to illustrate your book and they can be purchased at a reasonable cost. Even video or MP3 recordings can be added to your ebook to give it added value.
Once you have completed your book it is time to look at your publishing options. Traditional publishing of a paper book may be your preferred choice but these days ebooks are becoming increasingly popular and can be more lucrative for the author. Vanity press is explained but this is not a preferred option and there can be traps for the uninformed. Shaun goes into a lot of detail explaining the pros and cons of each publishing option.
Overall, I would give this book a five star rating as it is the type of book you will keep in your reference library for many years if you are serious about writing.
Go to the “How To Write A “How To” Book” site to learn more.

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