Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Book Writing Made Easy
Writing non-fiction books is a rewarding career and easy to do providing you plan the project and complete it in a step-by-step process. Non-fiction books are in high demand but it is important to select the right title and content.
Here’s What To Do
The first step in how to write a non-fiction book is to select a title that is about a subject that is popular. To assist us in finding out what subjects are popular and well searched for Google’s Keyword Analyser Tool is an invaluable resource. By using Google’s Keyword Analyser Tool, we are able to find out if the keywords we use in the title are popular searches. We are able to see how many times the keywords are searched for per month on Google. By choosing keywords that are searched for more than 100,000 times per month we know we are on a winner.
Next we need to do a bit of research on the audience before we go ahead and write a non-fiction book. To do this forums give us a wealth of information on our target audience. By visiting a forums related to the subject of the book we can find out what type of questions people are asking about our subject and what are the hot topics of the day. Researching forums will also give us more information for the headings and sub-headings of our book.
Another way to check what is popular is to visit the big online booksellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and check the bestseller lists. This will give us some more ideas on selecting a winning title.
Once we have selected the title it is time to select the chapter headings and sub-headings. We can do the research for this step by reading books and articles related to the subject of our book. The local library, online libraries or online article directories are good places to start.
While doing our research it is also time to start taking notes on topics of interest and summarize the content of the chapter heading or sub-heading. Don’t forget to do further research in relevant forums that offer a wealth of information. While doing this step it is also important to keep doing keyword research on the chapter headings and sub-headings to make sure they are popular and well searched for topics.
The next step in writing a non-fiction book is to find a suitable publisher and send them a book proposal. It is no use writing the first draft of the book unless we can find someone who is willing to publish the book. A book proposal should outline the title, chapter headings, sub-headings and summaries of the book. Don’t forget to include the proposed length of the book.
After the publisher has given the go ahead, it is time to write the first draft. It is simply a matter of working methodically and setting deadlines to keep you motivated. When the first draft is finished you have only half done the task. The final step is editing, proofreading and formatting the first draft. To save costs do most of these tasks yourself, however it may be necessary to seek professional help if your expertise is not up to it.

I hope you have found this article helpful on the task of how to write a non-fiction book. If you are interest in publishing your book in ebook format check out Jim Edward’s excellent book on the subject, “Ebook Secrets Exposed”

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