Tuesday, June 30, 2015


“Self-Bailout Strategy” by Shaun Fawcett is a blueprint to recession proof your income and make a six figure income by selling information from your website. Shaun has an M.B.A. and his approach is very direct and business-like.
“Self-Bailout Strategy” explains how Shawn is able to generate a six figure income from his website on the writing niche. Shaun’s website is called “Writing Help Central” and it has about 260 pages of content on various writing topics. He has about 4 ebooks he has written on writing subjects that he sells from his website and as well as various affiliate products he promotes for other vendors.
Under his multiple stream income model, he gets revenue from advertising income, affiliate income, consulting income, income from his own products as well as other income.
“Self-Bailout Strategy” gives you the big picture on how to make money online as well a step-by-step business plan. I bought the book two and a half years ago and to tell you the truth I would still be lost in a maze of misinformation and get-rich-quick schemes without it.
“Self-Bailout Strategy” remains one of my key books that I refer to when developing my own websites and I thoughly recommend it.
Go to the “Self-Bailout Strategy” site to learn more.

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