Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Before you write the first sentence of your ebook, it is important to do some keyword research so you are targeting keywords that your readers are searching for. Otherwise, your book will be lost in a sea of book titles that do not relate to keywords readers are searching for.
Google’s Keyword Planner Tool gives a wealth of information on keywords. What we are interested in is the number of global searches there are for keywords. If a keyword has over 20,000 global searches a month there is probably too much competition for that keyword. The best keywords to target are ones that have 2,000 to 8,000 global searches a month.
For example, giving your ebook the title of “Meditation” is probably too broad a term to use as there are 2,740,000 global searches each month for the keyword “meditation”. However, a better title would be “How To Meditate Properly” as there are 3,600 global searches on Google each month for the keywords “how to meditate properly”. By doing this, you are targeting a sub-niche of meditation and have a good chance of readers finding your ebook when doing searches. An ebook called “Meditation” would have far too much competition to be easily found with a Google search.

Doing keyword research before you write your ebook also helps identify keywords to use in the chapter titles and sub-headings. Keyword research can be used as an aid in the brainstorming process when listing chapter titles and sub-headings. Your book will be about what readers are actively searching for online.

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